Hello, you.


Well hello there, glad you could join me.

My name is Carolyn Deskins, I’m a 19 year old Business major from right here in good ‘ol Fairbanks.My favorite colors are purple, green, blue, and sunset. Yes, by sunset I mean the crazy swirl of color that greets you in the morning. I grew in up North Pole with a group of rag-tag hooligans. We would swim in sloughs, sword fight with sticks, and sneak out just to watch the sunset and rise all in the same hour.

Likes: Plays, books, movies, cheesy sayings, macaroni, pizza, flowers, dogs, cats, snow, beaches, sand, sun, moon. Basically anything and everything that has the potential to bring a smile to your face.

Dislikes: Frowning.


I have a pretty good connection to art, I would like to think. I took 4 years of photography, graphic design, and video editing classes in high school. I used to document Hockey Week in Fairbanks for the Fairbanks Hockey Hall of Fame, I’ve won one or two design contests, and I just love art in general. In my free time I like to paint (landscapes mostly),  and sketch here and there when the fancy strikes me. I’ve seen a few plays at the theater over near the Carlson Center (the name totally escapes me). I always love watching plays, seeing the actors’ emotions up front and personal. I draws you in, makes you feel like you’re watching someones life.

In a way, you really are.