Hello, you.


Well hello there, glad you could join me.

My name is Carolyn Deskins, I’m a 19 year old Business major from right here in good ‘ol Fairbanks.My favorite colors are purple, green, blue, and sunset. Yes, by sunset I mean the crazy swirl of color that greets you in the morning. I grew in up North Pole with a group of rag-tag hooligans. We would swim in sloughs, sword fight with sticks, and sneak out just to watch the sunset and rise all in the same hour.

Likes: Plays, books, movies, cheesy sayings, macaroni, pizza, flowers, dogs, cats, snow, beaches, sand, sun, moon. Basically anything and everything that has the potential to bring a smile to your face.

Dislikes: Frowning.


I have a pretty good connection to art, I would like to think. I took 4 years of photography, graphic design, and video editing classes in high school. I used to document Hockey Week in Fairbanks for the Fairbanks Hockey Hall of Fame, I’ve won one or two design contests, and I just love art in general. In my free time I like to paint (landscapes mostly),  and sketch here and there when the fancy strikes me. I’ve seen a few plays at the theater over near the Carlson Center (the name totally escapes me). I always love watching plays, seeing the actors’ emotions up front and personal. I draws you in, makes you feel like you’re watching someones life.

In a way, you really are.


3 thoughts on “Hello, you.

  1. Excellent start to your course. I enjoyed the video you included. Good memories. A friend of mine was engaged to a spray can painter in Puerta Vallarta. We’d hang out and watch him work on the malecon. My big concern was the lack of respirators. Those fumes are really toxic. I’m such a mother hen.

  2. You seem very interesting, what high school did you go to? I also enjoy The Avatar shows, pizza and macaroni and cheese. Well it is nice to meet you and can’t wait to read more of your work this semester.

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